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  1. How To Setup CentOS WebPanel On A VPS

    This article will show you how to setup CentOS WebPanel on your Virtual Private Server -VPS. There are multiple alternatives available but I will focus on an easy approach and let you inspect the other options on your own. This article doe not show you what to do after you deployed the WebPanel. It will only point you to the next steps.
  2. How To Secure cPanel After Install

    Secure cPanel Introduction This guide is intended to give some basic steps to Secure cPanel after the initial installation. Please see our Initial Setup Guide if you have not already completed it. Tweak cPanel Settings Under Main » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings, enable (E) or disable (D) the following options: Prevent users from parking/adding on common internet domains. (E) Attempt to prevent pop3 connection floods (E) Default catch-all/default address behavior for new accounts (Blackhole) Use jailshell as the default shell for all new accounts and modified accounts (E) Always redirect users to the...
  3. How To Change Your Hostname

    Change the hostname line in /etc/sysconfig/network to the hostname you want (this file may be different on FreeBSd and others). Your hostname should be something prefixing a domain you own (this is referred to as a fully qualified domain name, FQDN), so server1.yourdomain.com for example, not just yourdomain.com. Changing it in that file ensure that your hostname gets set each time networking starts, however you'd need to restart networking for it to get set in the current session with just that changed. This is...
  4. How To Install mod_python For Apache Under cPanel

    To begin, let's grab the latest version of mod_python. We will need to get the SVN version of mod_python as the last previous versioned release has a problem compiling on RHEL5-based systems. Since cPanel servers do not come with Subversion installed by default, we'll need to satisfy that pre-requisite first. Due to cPanel building Perl modules from source, we will be unable to install Subversion via Yum and must do so from source. yum -y...