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Ten Linux Commands For Beginners

Introduction to basic Linux Commands If you are new to Linux VPS Hosting, this article is for you. As everyone needs to learn from somewhere, we are going to use this space to present 10 basic Linux commands which every budding Linux system admin needs to know. With that said, let’s get on with it. CD cd The CD command is the change directory command. CD, as its name suggests, allows users to jump and change from one direc...
By bobby, March 18, 2015

How To Use Cron To Its Full Power

What is cron? Cron the name of a program that enables unix users to execute commands or scripts (groups of commands) automatically at a specified time/date. It is normally used for sys admin commands, like makewhatis, which builds a search database for the man -k command, or for running a backup script, but can also be used for just about anything. A common use for it today is for your email program to connect to the internet and ...
By alexander, October 11, 2015

10 Linux Commands For Beginners

Introduction Linux Commands is a program that takes commands from the keyboard and gives them to the operating system to perform. This tutorial explains some of the most used Linux commands and their basic usage. All these commands should be entered at the command prompt and you must press the ENTER button to execute the desired command. To open your command prompt, just press Ctrl + Alt + T or you can search for it...
By anne, February 8, 2016