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How To Install And Configure Varnish Cache

Introduction to Varnish Need to handle a lot of traffic? Varnish caching is one of the best ways to maximize the output of your Server. The idea is your server shouldn’t have to regenerate the same dynamic content from scratch every time it’s accessed. Save your server’s resources by putting a caching proxy like Varnish Cache in front of your web service to accelerate responses to HTTP requests and reduce server workload. ...
By justin, April 29, 2015

How To Install And Configure TYPO3 On Ubuntu

The following tutorial will walk you through the install TYPO3 4.5.4 on a pure, freshly installed Ubuntu 10.04 Install TYPO3 Package Even if synaptic does not install the most recent version of TYPO3, it's very usefull to do a sudo apt-get install typo3 as all the necessary packages like apache, mysql, php, imagemagick, etc... are installed too. Also, some usefull other settings are made ... Anyway, what's the problem is, t...
By jimmy, May 7, 2015

How To Install And Configure SSH On CentOS

How do I install and configure both ssh server and client under CentOS Linux operating systems? You need to install the following packages (which are installed by default unless you removed it or skipped it while installing CentOS) openssh-clients : The OpenSSH client applications openssh-server : The OpenSSH server daemon     OpenSSH Installations under CentOS Linux To install the server and client type: ...
By tapish01, September 6, 2015