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How To Synchronize A Directory From One Linux Server To Another Using Rsync

In this tutorial we will be using Rsync to synchronize a directory from Linux ServerA to Linux ServerB over SSH using two CentOS servers. To begin we recommend you setup SSH keys between the two servers. To do this you can follow our below tutorials though is not required : How to Set Up SSH Keys with Linux Commandline How to add your SSH public key to CentOS First lets make sure RSYNC is installed. yum install rsync Ok ...
By jason, March 17, 2015

How To Set Up Logrotate on RedHat Linux

  1. Introduction Logrotate is a utility designed for administrators who manage servers producing a high volume of log files to help them save some disk space as well as to avoid a potential risk making a system unresponsive due to the lack of disk space. Normally, a solution to avoid this kind of problem is to setup a separate partition or logical volume for a /var mount point. However, it may also be a viable solution to this prob...
By jack, June 24, 2015