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How To Transfer My Domain To BIP media?

What Registrars Usually Don't Tell You about domain transfer Most registrars will just have you fill out a form and don't inform you of all the required steps beforehand. There are actually many requirements and pitfalls that apply to the domain transfer process with all registrars. To ensure that your domain transfer goes as smoothly as possible, it is recommended that you read the article below. If you are alr...
By petter, April 24, 2015

How To Register A Domain Name With BIP media

Register a Domain Name It is important to note that domain name registration does not require that you purchased a hosting or server package, just as server or hosting packages do not require domain name registration through BIP media. You can choose to sign up for either one separately. Register a Domain with Your Web Hosting Order If you are ordering a VPS with BIP media, it is best that you register your domain at the s...
By peggy, April 24, 2015

How To Buy A Domain Name Without Buying Hosting?

Yes, you can Buy Domain Name without buying or having a BIP media VPS hosting plan. Introduction to Varnish Register to Buy Domain Name To do so, please visit and Buy Domain Name you want. The domain registry tool requires credit card payment. Note: If the type of domain you want cannot be purchased online, or you need to pay with a method other than credit card, please open a...
By justin, April 24, 2015