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How To Add mod_compress: Lighttpd Gzip Compression To Improve Download And Browsing Speed

Introductions to mod_compress Gzip is the most popular and effective compression method. Most modern web browser supports and accepts compressed data transfer. By gziping response time can reduced by 60-70% as compare to normal web page. The end result is faster web site experience for both dial up (they're not dead yet - I've dial up account for backup purpose) and broadband user. I've already written about speeding up Apache 2.x web ...
By yang-li, May 11, 2015

How To Setup Your BIP VoIP Phone Extension

Order BIP VoIP phone Click here to order your BIP VoIP phone account and extension. If you have already activated phone account the information will appear below: - The screen should show new account info and help next steps Download Soft Phone Download Zoiper soft phone for all platforms including Windows, MAC, Linux and iPhone / Android. Go to the website. Download the free version Install and start it. Configure Soft Phone...
By BIP, February 21, 2016