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  1. Table | Use one file per table with MySQL's INNODB storage

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      Introduction to MySQL INNODB engine table InnoDB is a general-purpose storage engine that balances high reliability and high performance. In MySQL 5.6, InnoDB is the default MySQL storage engine. Unless you have configured a different default storage engine, issuing a CREATE TABLE statement without an ENGINE= clause creates an InnoDB table. InnoDB includes all the features that were part of the InnoDB Plugin for MySQL 5.1, plus new features specific to MySQL 5.5 and higher. Note: The mysql and INFORMATION_SCHEMA databases that implement some of the MySQL internals still use MyISAM. In...
  2. MySQL: How To Show All Tables Running INNODB Engine

    mysql server This short tutorial will show you how to show all database tables running INNODB engine on a mysql server. Login into MySQL mysql> use mysql; mysql> SELECT table_schema, table_name, engine FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE engine = 'innodb'; Results: +--------------+-----------------------+--------+ | table_schema | table_name | engine | +--------------+-----------------------+--------+ | pdns | domains | InnoDB | | pdns | records ...