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How To Add ISO Image To apt sources.list

Here is a way how to include a Debian/Ubuntu ISO image into your /etc/apt/sources.list file. This kind of hack can prove handy in terms of reducing package download during the installation or if you do not have CD/DVD drive available ( or is broken ) on your system. Let's assume that we have a Debian ISO image downloaded at the location: /mnt/storage/iSO/debian-i386-DVD-1.iso. As a first step we need to create a mount poi...
By daniel, June 24, 2015

How To Extract A User List From Your Linux System

Here is a simple way to extract the User Name and full name for all the users on your Linux system. Both methods divide the /etc/passwd file into columns and print column 1 and 5 where ":" is used as a common delimiter. Column 1 contains the username and column 5 contains the full name. Using awk: BEGIN { FS=":" } { print $1 "\t" $5 } save this as extractnames.awk . Now execute awk and include this file: $ awk ...
By kevin, June 26, 2015