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  1. How To Remove / Modify open_basedir In Plesk

    By Jessica tagged in apache,Modify,open_basedir,Plesk,Remove
    Let’s think about a situation where you have a subdomain and you want it to be able to access files from the domain httpdocs directory. You cannot do that by default in Plesk, because of open_basedir. You can edit the httpd.include file in: /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/conf/httpd.include but that will only work until the next plesk restart or major modification. But, the httpd.include file that manages a domain and subdomain explicitly says: # ATTENTION! # DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE OR ANY PART OF IT. THIS CAN RESULT IN IMPROPER PLESK # FUNCTIONING OR FAILURE, CAUSE DAMAGE AND LOSS OF DATA. IF YOU REQUIRE CUSTOM # MODIFICATIONS TO BE...