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How To Compile PHP On CentOS 5 (64Bit) With MySQL Support

If you try to build PHP 5.x.x on a 64bit CentOS install you may get this error: checking for specified location of the MySQL UNIX socket... no checking for MySQL UNIX socket location... /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock checking for mysql_close in -lmysqlclient... no checking for mysql_error in -lmysqlclient... no configure: error: mysql configure failed. Please check config.log for more information. Looking further ...
By wen, January 24, 2015

ImageMagick [Imagick] PHP Class Broken Or Fails To Install

Introduction to Imagick Some versions of CentOS (including the most recent 5.5) have an issue with a buggy 6.4.8 RPM version of ImageMagick. This version prevents the Imagick PHP class from working properly and also prevents the extension from being installed via PECL. If you are using this PHP class on your site, you will see an error something like: Fatal error: Class 'Imagick' not found in /home/user/public_html/
By peggy, January 24, 2015

URL File-Access Is Disabled Error After Upgrading To PHP 5.2

If you have recently upgraded to PHP 5.2.x or newer and are getting an error on your site saying URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration, you may be affected by a new PHP configuration change. As of PHP 5.2.0, a new configuration directive, allow_url_include, was introduced in an effort to enhance security in file inclusion. The introduction of this directive allows an admin to keep allow_url_fopen enabled for scripts that need i...
By petter, January 24, 2015

How To Install testlink On CentOS

Install testlink Introduction In this Tutorial you will learn how to install Testlink 1.9.3 on CentOS 6.2: Using yum to install required packages yum install mysql-server php php-mysql php-gd php-ldap Modify /etc/php.ini to optimize php configuration for TestLink session.gc_maxlifetime = 2400 max_execution_time = 120 Set up web server and mysql services chkconfig httpd on chkconfig mysqld o...
By jill, May 7, 2015

Introduction to PHP PDO (PHP Data Objects)

What is PDO (PHP Data Objects). The PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension defines a lightweight, consistent interface for accessing databases in PHP. Each database driver that implements the PDO PHP Data Objects interface can expose database-specific features as regular extension functions. Note that you cannot perform any database functions using the PDO PHP Data Objects extension by itself; you must use a database-specific PDO driver to acc...
By priyanka01, October 30, 2015

How To Do A PDO Query

Introduction to PDO Now that we can open and close a connection to the database with PDO, we can make use of it for what databases are made for, storing and retrieving information. The simplest form of query is the PDO query method. As the name suggests, this is used to perform database queries. Before we begin to query a database, lets create a small database with a table for animals. This will be a MySQL database for use throughout...
By salem, November 4, 2015

Pagination Script using PHP PDO with jQuery

Introduction To Pagination Scripting In this tutorial we will cover HOW TO create a simple Pagination Script using PHP MySQL with jQuery. I'm going to use the "bootpag - jQuery plugin for dynamic pagination" . This plugin is easy to use and creates dynamic pagination with jQuery using PHP.  This really comes in handy when we have a number of records in a MySQL table, and they need to be paginated. Firs...
By salem, November 14, 2015

How to install LAMP (Linux Apache, MariaDB & PHP) on CentOS 7

In the following tutorial we are going to show you how to install LAMP (Linux Apache, MariaDB & PHP) on a CentOS 7 VPS. What is LAMP? LAMP is actually an acronym for a web services solution stack consisting of Linux, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL or MariaDB database engines, and the PHP, Perl or Python programming language. All components are free and open-source software, and the combination is suitable fo...
By patrick01, November 11, 2015

PHP jquery autocomplete search

The Auto complete search box provides the suggestions when you enter data into the PHP jquery field. The below example demonstrate, How to use auto complete text box using with php. We need to create these 2 PHP jquery files: --- index.php ---livesearch.php PHP jquery Database Design And Table Database : contry_list Table : tapps_countries Copy paste the following mysql PHP jquery code into your PH...
By salem, August 1, 2016

PHP Data Objects

PHP Data Objects (PDO) PHP Data Objects, also known as PDO, is an interface for accessing databases in PHP/aithout tying code to a specific database. Rather than directly calling mysql_, mysqli_, and pg_ functions, developers can use the PDO interface, simplifying the porting of applications to other databases. Database Support The extension can support any database that a PDO driver has been written for. At the time of...
By priyanka01, April 27, 2016