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How To Proxy Port 80 To 2368 For Ghost With Nginx

Intro to Port 80 Follow this tutorial to install Ghost. Make your Ghost blog accessible on port 80 instead of 2368. We will use Nginx to proxy all requests for port 80 to 2368. Start by installing Nginx with one of the following commands, depending on what operating system you are running: CentOS For CentOS the first thing you will need to do is create a Nginx yum repository: vim /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo an...
By peggy, May 6, 2015

How To Secure ssh

Here are couple ways to change your sshd default configuration settings and make / Secure ssh daemon more secure / restrictive and thus protect your server from unwanted intruders. NOTE: Everytime you make changes in the sshd configuration file you need to restart sshd. By doing so, your current connections will not be closed ! Make sure that you have a separate terminal open with root logged-in in case you do some misconfigurat...
By tapish01, June 26, 2015

How To Open http Port 80 On Redhat 7 Linux Using firewall-cmd

In this tutorial you will learn how to open port 80 on Redhat 7. By default, port 80 for the http connection is filtered on Redhat 7. You can only access this port from the actual localhost and not from any other public host. To open port 80 on RHEL 7 Linux we need to add an iptables rule. For this RHEL7 uses firewall-cmd. First add your port 80 rule with a following command: [root@bip1987 ~]# firewall-cmd --zone=public ...
By tapish01, September 16, 2015