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How To Install OpenDKIM With Postfix On CentOS

Postfix OpenDKIM will give Your mail a signature that will eventually lower the spam score of the mail coming from your domain. This will help significantly to exclude these mails from being considered as spam by other servers, including google (google “accidentally” often considers a clean mail as spam because it has no dkim signature). On a Centos box, install OpenDKIM first. It comes from the Epel repos, so if ...
By jimmy, February 6, 2015

How To Increase The Attachment Size In Postfix

Postfix by default restrict attachment size to approx 10MB i.e. 10240000 bytes. You can check attachment size it using following command: postconf | grep message_size_limit To change attachment size to say 50 MB, run a command like: postconf -e message_size_limit=52428800 Note: If you are running a mail server with SMTP/IMAP access on it, you only need to change postfix attachment size setting. I spent...
By BIP, February 8, 2016