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How To Extract The Contents Of An RPM File

Sometimes it can be useful to extract the contents of an RPM file without actually installing it. In order to do so, use the following command: rpm2cpio file.rpm | cpio -idmv Please Note: This will extract the rpm into whatever directory you are in, including all of it's sub-directories. So for example, if you change directory into / and run the command above the rpm will be extracted and files/directories placed just...
By tasia, January 24, 2015

How To Test A RPM Package Before Installation

Introduction to Linux rpm package manager In this tutorial we will show you, how to test a rpm package before installation. As a Linux System Engineer, this command is very useful and should be used in regular practice. Mostly of the time I use this command, to help me see if there are any issues before installation. Note: rpm command is available for Red Hat based operating system. How to test rpm To test the rp...
By frank, April 11, 2015