How To Use wget For Recursive FTP

We have found that using wget to recursively grab FTP contents is useful in the following situation: You cannot use rsync or scp due to restricted or no shell access on the remote server You need to recursively get directories and globbing with mget * isn't working as expected Transferring files to an intermediate workstation first are not feasible due to time/filesize constraints If all of these apply ...
By pam, January 24, 2015

SCP And SFTP - Secure File Transfer Using SSH

SCP means a Secure Copy. It is a method of remote communication and sending files between networks, but having the sent files secured with the SSH (Security Shell) protocol. It allows to transfer files without information leakage. SCP is a substitute for the legacy `cp` file transfer application. SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. This is an application which uses Secure Shell in relocating files. It avoids the plain transmis...
By jill, April 6, 2015