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Apache CentOS 6 Can Not Send eMail And Drupal Gets HTTP Request Status Fails

Pressflow Send Mail error I’m installing a Pressflow 6 on a new machine running CentOS 6. I’m using Apache MPM Worker with FastCGI. Then I get the classical mail error: Unable to send mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists. Then I try to use sendmail: sendmail -v < testmail Where testmail is a file containing these lines: Subject: test mail Ozu Yasujiro Oz...
By bobby, March 18, 2015

How To Keep Ghost Running With pm2

Introduction to Ghost When installing manually on a VPS, most people wonder how to keep Ghost running after their terminal session has ended. There are multiple ways to do this, the most popular way currently being forever and pm2 is a great alternative. It's Very easy to setup and use. Here are the steps to installing pm2 with Ghost: Note: These commands should be run from a non root user that is dedicated to running this...
By steve, May 6, 2015