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How To Install And Configure Varnish Cache

Introduction to Varnish Need to handle a lot of traffic? Varnish caching is one of the best ways to maximize the output of your Server. The idea is your server shouldn’t have to regenerate the same dynamic content from scratch every time it’s accessed. Save your server’s resources by putting a caching proxy like Varnish Cache in front of your web service to accelerate responses to HTTP requests and reduce server workload. ...
By justin, April 29, 2015

How To Install Varnish 4 With Apache 2 On Ubuntu 14.04

install varnish Introduction Apache is popular web server used by most web hosting companies. install Varnish cache - an HTTP accelerator and reverse proxy. We can use it with any HTTP server. In this example, we will be using Apache 2. As a web server, Apache can use a considerable amount of server resources to serve pages. If you are running a high-traffic website, then you might need an HTTP accelerator to boost server performa...
By justin, April 29, 2015