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Setting Up Your Own Cloud Service With OwnCloud

Introduction to OwnCloud The media has alerted the general public to a number of security breaches, some more notable than others. Whether they are large or small, these security breaches represent an issue for the consumer and confidence in the cloud is at an all-time low. Services like iCloud and Dropbox are losing customers left and right, but if you are like most, you enjoy the features that the cloud has to offer. Read below about...
By daniel, January 21, 2015

How TO Configure Apache Virtual Hosts On A VPS

Introduction to Apache Virtual Hosts One great benefit of VPS hosting is being able to easily host multiple websites off the same server. Owning a VPS offers much more than just web hosting but in this tutorial we will show you how to setup virtual hosts with Apache. Apache HTTP Server is probably one of the most influential pieces of open-source software that let to the explosive growth of the World Wide Web today. Still going stro...
By tabitha, March 19, 2015

How To Register A Domain Name With BIP media

Register a Domain Name It is important to note that domain name registration does not require that you purchased a hosting or server package, just as server or hosting packages do not require domain name registration through BIP media. You can choose to sign up for either one separately. Register a Domain with Your Web Hosting Order If you are ordering a VPS with BIP media, it is best that you register your domain at the s...
By peggy, April 24, 2015