How to Add JavaScript on Every pages through Wordpress

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add javascript to a WordPress site The most impressive part of WordPress is usually the easy custom-made features. It's possible to modify your current script and add JavaScript to every pages by simply transforming your layouts used in the WordPress templates. You should also reuse all these scripts by getting them on all of web pages. If you wish to add JavaScript source code on every single webpages, you should to stick in the JavaScript item within the design template. This will be included in almost all your WordPress web site, just like the header structure. The recommended method to add JavaScript into a WordPress web page, or WordPress Topic or perhaps Plugin, is by using wp_enqueue_script(). It incorporates all the scripts that have not yet already been integrated, and safely and securely addresses dependencies. JavaScript shouldn't be added into submit information without using exclusive WordPress Plugin that cleans your filter and protects against undesirable code.

Steps To Add JavaScript

1. Upload your own JavaScript file in your theme's folder through an FTP client.

2. Log on to your own WordPress site as well as click on "Appearance" and even "Editor."

3. Select "Header" from the list of themes on the right side.

4. Insert the script to add your JavaScript file around the part of the template:

5. Change out " js/yourscript.js " to the destination of the JavaScript file.

6. Finally, Click on "Update File."

That's it.

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