How to add jQuery accordion and remove extra white space

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In the Tutorial I will show you have to create a collapsible menu with jQuery accordion for very small space. Here is a screen shot that will illustrates what we will be learning.

  In particular, click on headers to expand/collapse the title and see the information that is hidden inside. It works a lot like tabs. Optionally, toggle to open/closed upon mouse over. Typically the underlying HTML markup might be a series of headers (H3 tags) plus articles and other content divs therefore the content should not have any JavaScript. Here is the source code below:

jQuery accordion Customers screen shot

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You should download jquery-ui.css         jquery-1.10.2.js   jquery-ui.js   then replace with // // // respectively with path.   Now let’s discuss how to remove the extra white space area after adding this accordion function successfully.

jQuery accordion Screenshot 1 setup

There is nothing but heightStyle option in jquery-ui.js file. This type is named by “String” and the default sitting is “auto” Handles the particular length on the accordion and even each one section. There are three Possible values: "auto": All of the panels is going to be set in place in the peak on the highest pane. "fill": Increase into the attainable top in line with the accordion's parent level. "content": Just about every panel will likely be only as tall as its content. For example, Initialize typically the accordion with all the heightStyle possibility specified:

$( ".selector" ).accordion({

heightStyle: "fill"


Practically, you must replace heightStyle: "auto" by heightStyle: "content" which is coded below:   

var accordion = $.widget( "ui.accordion", {

version: "1.11.4",

options: {

active: 0,

animate: {},

collapsible: false,

event: "click",

header: "> li > :first-child,> :not(li):even",

heightStyle: "content",

icons: {

activeHeader: "ui-icon-triangle-1-s",

header: "ui-icon-triangle-1-e"


// callbacks

activate: null,

beforeActivate: null



That’s it for jQuery accordion. It’s very simple to do. If you have and questions about jQuery accordion or comments simply leave them bellow. Give jQuery accordion a try or click here for more How To tutorials on jQuery! I'm sure you will find it as easy as i do.

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