How To Build a Simple Video Game using Sprite Kit

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Making games for mobile devices has never been so easy. SpriteKit offers a fast & clean way to get those forgotten projects out from the attic and build them definitely.


The idea is to start making a demo of an old car game such as Road Fighter. We will be using basic graphics, that means rects drawn by the engine, we're not using images yet so you can learn handling basic shape drawing as well. The idea is to keep it simple but on the other hand I want to give you a simple playground that you can use as reference to grow it bigger later.

Create the Project

Keep Organized - Respect your own Patterns

Expected Features

As we want a simple app Im reducing some advanced features so I can write about them on other tutorial and don't make you mess up with a lot of info. A game like the one intended must have certain detectable features to be coded:

  • Paralax  

First Steps

Adding Motion


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