How To Fix CRITICAL ERROR 106 In Windows

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What is critical program error 106?

If any problem occurred during installation, the software can get damaged. If that happens then when you try to run the program you will see a message “Critical Error 106”.

Critical error 106 message box

Why did it happen?

It happened for several reasons like,
  1. Incomplete installation.
  2. If there are any leftovers of that software still in your PC.
  3. If you already have that software installed in another directory.
  4. If you have the previous version of that software still in your PC.
  5. If your installation happened in the wrong directory.
  6. If it's required to install the software in the “program files” directory but you install it in another place.
  7. If you have double “program files” then your installation could be in the wrong “program files” (in “program files(x86)”). Then it would show “Critical Error 106”.

How to solve it?

There are several ways to solve this problem. Let’s try step by step,

1. If you install it into the “program files(x86)” then just go to “program files(x86)” and find your installed program. Then just copy it from there and paste it into the “program files” directory. (Problem solved).

Copy your program from program files(x86) and paste it into just program files directory

2. By turning off UAC (User Account Control). You have to go "Start Menu" then go to “control panel”. After opening “control panel” type “uac”. Then click on “change user account and control setting”. Go there and turn it down to its lowest level.

Go to control pannel and type uac in the search box then click on change user account and control setting

Turn down the UAC control level into lowest level then apply it and click ok

3. Start it as administrator.

Click the right button on the program and go to properties. Then select “compatibility” and click on the “change setting for all users” link. After inserting, select the option “run it as administrator”. Then click on “apply” and “ok”.

Select run this program as administrator and click apply then click OK

4. Uninstall the program you have with “

IOBIT uninstaller” and do a powerful scan with it after uninstalling the program to make sure it removes all the leftovers of that program. Then restart your PC and install the latest version of that program.

Use IOBIT uninstaller's powerful scan to remove all the draft files of any program at unistallation in your PC at uninstallation

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