How To Install Ubuntu With Screen Reading Support

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In this Tutorial you will learn how to Install Ubuntu With Screen Reading Support

Ubuntu with Screen Reading Support

Ubuntu With Screen Reading Support is a very powerful Linux distribution for beginners and supports both GTK and Gnome desktops. In Ubuntu, you can use a GUI or terminal to do many tasks, such as installing applications, working with files and folders, building applications from source, managing servers, etc.

If you are familiar with the Windows operating system, you already know that Windows does not include any screen reader. It may be necessary to install one of the commercially available screen reading features if you need the accessibility support.

Screen readers are special programs which helps visually impaired people read information on the screen. Use one of the most popular speech synthesis systems. (Orca screen reader or eSpeak open source speech) Both will synthesis and speak the information from the screen.

You can download the Ubuntu distribution, from the following URL:

After you download the Ubuntu distribution you want, you will need to burn the .ISO image on a DVD, or simply extract the Ubuntu DVD image on your USB flash drive. To extract the image to a USB flash drive, you need to download the Universal USB Installer from the

Please follow the instruction from the Universal USB Installer to extract the Ubuntu DVD image to your USB stick.

After you burn the Ubuntu DVD image to your USB stick, reboot your computer, and make sure you have USB as the 1st boot device set in your BIOS system. Then, if your Ubuntu distribution starts from the USB,  choose Start Ubuntu from the live CD, or simply press the Return key, and wait until your Ubuntu boots up.

When your ubuntu starts, press Enter to login, and then press Alt+F2 to bring the run command up like in the Windows operating system.

Type orca, and then press the Enter key.
Then, the Orca screen reader should start, and you will hear the speech from your speakers.
Then, choose the Install icon using the arrow keys, and then press Enter.
The installation should start.
Follow the installation steps to install your Ubuntu distribution using the screen reading support.

That's it! If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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