How To Install WAMP Server On Windows

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In this Tutorial you will learn now to install WAMP Server on a Windows Box.

Install WAMP Windows VPS at BIP media The acronym for WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Apache is the most important one in WAMP which is used to run the web server in Windows OS. MySQL is the database and PHP is the scripting language which is also included in this package.

1. Download and Install WAMP Server from  Sourceforge

Install WAMP server download- VPS

2. Click on the download directly link and download the wamp server.

Install WAMP server downloads - VPS

3. Once you've downloaded the Wamp Server, double click on the downloaded exe. You will get the below screen. Click Next button.  

Install WAMP server welcome screenwamp server download- VPS

4. From the License Agreement screen shown below, select 'I accept the agreement' and click Next button.

Install WAMP server license agreement - VPS

5. Next select the destination location where the Wamp Server should be installed. By default it will show C:\wamp. You can change the path to any directory as you wish and then click on the Next button.

Install WAMP server destination install location - VPS

6. Next is the Additional Tasks screen. You can create a Quick Launch icon or Desktop icon as you wish. Then click on the Next button.

Install WAMP server additional tasks screen - VPS

7. Click the Install button from the below screen.

Install WAMP server ready to install screen - VPS

8. The installation will process as shown in the below screen.

Install WAMP server installing screen - VPS

9. Sometimes you may get the Windows Firewall screen. If so, just click 'Allow access' button

Install WAMP windows firewall screen - VPS

10. Specify the SMTP server and Email address in the below screen. While installing on the local system, leave it as mentioned in the below screen.

Install WAMP server smtp server setup screen - VPS

11. Now the set up is completed. Click 'Launch WampServer 2 now' and then click Finish button.

Install WAMP server launch screen - VPS

12. Once everything is completed, you can see the Wamp Server icon in the task bar in Green color. If there is any problem, then you could have seen some other colors like red, yellow.

Install WAMP server online screen

Now the Wamp Server set up is ready and you can verify the same by typing http://localhost in any browser and you will get the Welcome page.

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