How to integrate litespeed with WHM/Cpanel

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integrate litespeed WHMCS Cpanel Follow the steps below to install Litespeed as a cPanel Plugin. This would help you to install, configure and manage LiteSpeed from the WHM itself.

1) Login to your cpanel server as root user and then use below commands to download plugin.

# cd /usr/local/src
# curl | sh

2) Log-in to WHM panel wtih root user & you should see “Litespeed Web Server” menu under “Plugins” menu.

3) Click ‘Install LiteSpeed’ and let it run through the installation procedure, which is completely automated.

4) Upload the trial license key file which would be in a '.zip' format. (You need to purchase license for 15 days trial period or go for an Enterprise version) Give the LiteSpeed target installation directory (choose like /usr/local/lsws)

5) Set Port Offset ( set to 0 to replace Apache otherwise set a number like “2000” to try LiteSpeed on port 2080. Setting a port makes the server to run Apache and Litespeed parallely. )

6) Enable PHP SuEXEC

7) Choose admin username & password and start installing.

8) It should now be installed on your server. Now click on "Build Matching PHP Binary" option this will take 10-20mins (Apache will stay running).

9) Click ‘Switch to LiteSpeed

10) Restart litespeed. NOTE - Do NOT uncheck “httpd” service under WHM service manager, otherwise WHM wont restart it automatically when configuration has been changed

11) To integrate the litespeed with cpanel access admin area at http://yourserverip:7080

12) Go to Configurations >> Server >> General

13) Scroll down to “Using Apache Configuration File” click on edit and make the changes as per your requirements such as enabling phpsuexec , apache binary path , apache configuration file etc..

14) Now move to “Index Files” on the same screen and set it as follows , save and click on back

15) Move to htaccess on the same screen click on edit and make the changes as specified in screenshot. Once done click on save and then click on Back.

16) Now move back to the configurations >> Server >> Listeners and delete all current listeners.

17) Restart the webserver with command “service lsws restart” from SSH.

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