How to Setup Elastix Voicemail

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A simple one but a good guide for the Elastix Voicemail newbie.

elastix voicemail  BIP media Elastix VPS Templates for cloud servers.

For a standard Elastix Voicemail setup you will need to setup 2 messages, unavailable and busy. An unavailable message will be played if you haven’t answered the phone after a certain amount of time and the phone switches to VM. The busy message will play if you happen to be on the phone when someone rings your number.

This is a standard Elastix Voicemail setup, if that telephone extension is part of a ring group or a queue then more than likely the options of VM will be different, in this instance please contact the helpdesk for more advice on getting your VM setup.

Here is the process to set your VM

If you do not have a running Elastix Voicemail VM already running click here to order one.

  • On your handset dial *97, this will call through to your VM.
  • From the next menu select 0 for mailbox options
  • The next menu list will run through options to record and change your unavailable, busy and temporary greeting. From this menu you can record, listen and re-record your message until you are happy with it.

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