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Pandoc fedora linux

Having trouble getting Pandoc to convert your file to pdf? On Fedora VPS Distribution? Knitter not working in RStudio? etc…

There’s a one-stop solution that will get you all of your required dependencies: Fedora’s groups!

On Fedora, there are collections of tools called “groups” that make setting up an environment for a particular task easier. For instance, musicians can use the “Audio Production” group to install a bunch of useful stuff for … audio production.

If you’re using pandoc regularly, you’re probably a writer or someone who writes regularly (what’s the difference?). There is a group to help you install the tools that make publishing easier called “Authoring and Publishing”.

First, check out all of the groups:

dnf grouplist

Then, look inside one of the groups:

dnf groupinfo "Authoring and Publishing"

If you install this group, it will only install what is under “Mandatory”, not what is under “Optional”. But, if you want pandoc to work, you want that too.

dnf groupinstall with-optional "Authoring and Publishing"

That’s it.


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