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I've started using Arch Linux for a few weeks now, and I've installed it on my BIP media VPS server (Virtual Private Server). I must say I really like it. I'm posting some tips about Arch Linux if you want to give it a try.

upgrade Arch Linux - VPS server hosted at BIP media

Arch (Like Gentoo) is a rolling release, unlike Debian or Ubuntu, where from time to time you get a new fresh release, and you have to upgrade it.

In Arch Linux the packages are constantly being updated, so to get the last version of Arch once installed, just enter this two commands:

sudo pacman -Syy

The command above is to update the database, just like the following in Debian or Ubuntu.

sudo aptitude update

Next we need to actually perform the update by running the following command.

sudo pacman -Su

And that's it, It's really that simple! You should run these commands at least once a week to keep your Arch Linux up to date.

Just remember to read the official forums before to prevent any issues that may break your system.

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