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Cloudlinux VPS Distribution


CloudLinux VPS is a commercially supported operating system that is interchangeable with the most popular RPM-based distribution on the market. It is specifically designed for hosting service providers, and therefore offers a wide-variety of features designed to make better use of server resources on servers hosting multiple customers.


Simple Pricing

All plans are standard and include:
Network Attached Storage (NAS) and our Content Distribution Network (CDN)
for maximum speed and reliability.

FREE /mo

1 Core Processor
256MB Memory
10GB OS Drive
10GB NAS Drive
1GB CDN Drive
1TB Transfer

$10 /mo

1 Core Processor
1GB Memory
10GB OS Drive
20GB NAS Drive
2GB CDN Drive
2TB Transfer

$20 /mo

2 Core Processor
2GB Memory
10GB OS Drive
40GB NAS Drive
3GB CDN Drive
3TB Transfer

$40 /mo

2 Core Processor
4GB Memory
60GB NAS Drive
10GB OS Drive
4GB CDN Drive
4TB Transfer