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You don’t have to be a developer to get .app under your thumb.

Applications, or “apps,” are one of the highest grossing electronic commodities on the market, and many developers work independently, so an easily identifiable domain extension like .APP provides valuable networking power. There are more than a million different apps for mobile devices, and the number continues to grow, making the .APP TLD a great way to connect to a multi-billion dollar industry. .APP can be used for developers, programmers, designers, or any business that operates as a hub for selling, reviewing, or advertising apps.

A quick glance at your phone’s app store and you’ll see:
  • Virtual reality apps
  • Dog walking apps
  • Sleep tracking apps
  • Marathon running apps
  • TV remote apps
  • Stock market apps

With an .app domain, you have a name that’s meant to show the world how awesome your app is. With everyone connected these days, people also want to connect with the technology that makes their lives better and .app makes it easier to find the developer who created it.

Everyone’s using apps. They need yours.

People are spending billions of dollars on apps every single year. Are you ready to grab your piece? Stamp out your claim with a dot app domain and put yourself right in the middle of a marketplace that’s growing at light speed.

Tell the story behind your app.

It’s not just functionality that makes users flock to an app. Use .app to tell your own story, share your shining moment of inspiration and build a community of people connected by your awesome idea. With .app domains, users get a peek behind the scenes.

Other applications for .app

People can use .app even if they’re not developers highlighting super-cool mobile applications. It’s short and catchy and can make your online presence come to mind in a snap. Individuals and organizations could find .app is a game-changer for:

  • Resume websites
  • Grant applications
  • Requests for proposals
  • Online menus

Don’t let your .app get name get taken.

With the flood of new apps hitting the market, .app domains are getting taken as quickly as they’re dreamed up. Don’t let your perfect domain get registered first. Protect your amazing idea. Register .app today and start building your story on a domain that’s tailor-made for your application.

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