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The BIP media Community

The BIP media community is a vibrant learning center filled with rich KB knowledge base filled with lots of published how-to articles and tutorials. This heavily visited site, every single day is searched for hundreds of keywords.

BIP media KB knowledge base tutorials are written as clear and straightforward as possible leaving you the reader feeling more educated. Become a BIP media Author, share your knowledge and earn money.

Become A BIP media Author

We are incredibly proud of our Community Learning Center. Our learning center is quickly becoming a go-to for all levels or readers. From setting up an Apache web server to properly configuring a load balance your application, you can find it all here.

We are always looking for more contributors to share best practices and server management tips.

BIP media articles should relate to installing or configuring free and open source software and applications on the following Linux distributions: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora.

Why Write For BIP media

Share your knowledge: We believe that passion drives creativity resulting in well written, clear and concise articles and tutorials on topics that the author shows passion. We are looking for authors to write on subjects covering everything relating to open source Linux.

  • Stand out: BIP media’s tutorials rank high on search engines and can provide exposure to your topic and your work. Community articles get further exposure to our social media profiles, extending the author reach to a wide audience.
  • Earn Money: We value you and your work. Tutorials published in the BIP media Learning Center get a credit of $225 for full-length articles, and $125 for shorter, narrow-focused pieces. Authors can use these credits for any service BIP media offers.

Write Your Article And Tutorials

Use the style guide. While you’re writing, make sure your content is:

  • Accurate. Your instructions should be straightforward and precise technique.
  • Detailed. Your content should include detailed explanations of each step taken, to familiarize readers with the purpose behind each step.
  • Formatted. Your style should use PHP Markdown Extra formatting and match the BIP media Community Learning Center style guide.
  • Original. Your content should be original material written for BIP media. We will not accept submissions copied from other sources.

Want to make sure you don’t waste time writing a long article we can’t use? Submit a writing sample first.

Author Submission Process

1 Submit a Sample

Contact us and tell us about your background, what topics you would like to cover, and send us a writing sample of some work you’ve done in the past. You can contact us through our author web form here.

2 Writing Check

A member of our Learning Center will check your sample writing. We are looking for bright ideas and error-free writing, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

3 Next Steps

After reviewing the sample article in Full, we will follow up with you to discuss potential next steps. If the sample article looks like a fit for the Learning Center community, we will work with you to finalize the tutorial, article or series that you would like to contribute to the community.

This includes:

  • brainstorming topics that don’t duplicate current community content
  • narrowing down the focus of the article to ensure that the scope is doable and can cover all required aspects of the topic
  • If the article looks like it may not be a fit due to grammar, author’s experience with the subject, or because it too closely replicates content already in our community, we will let you know. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we cannot always provide a full breakdown of why the article was not a community fit.

Legal Information

COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP. Writer agrees that the Work created by the writer for the BIP media Community Learning Center and that the writer is creating each form of Work as a “work made for hire” under the United States Copyright Act. At all stages of development, the Work shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of BIP media. At BIP media’s sole, absolute and unfettered discretion, BIP media may make any changes in, deletions from, or additions to the Work.

CREDIT. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deeded to require BIP media to use the Work, or any part thereof, in connection with the Community Learning Center or otherwise. Credit for the Work shall read “This is a BIP media Community guide by author “writer’s name.”

PAYMENT. Upon publication of a submission to the BIP media Community Learning Center, the writer has credited the sum of $225 for full-length articles, and $125 for shorter, narrow-focused pieces. Authors can use these credits for any service BIP media offers.