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Ghost VPS Server
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Ghost VPS Server

If you find blogging software too complex, you might be a good candidate to try Ghost VPS. This open source project was started to make blogging fun again, put content front-and-center, and make it easy to build beautiful blogs that work on every device. First released in 2013, Ghost is built on Node.js and is extremely easy to configure and customize. Deploy Ghost with Bitnami, then blog about how easy and awesome it was!

Simple Pricing

All plans are standard and include:
Network Attached Storage (NAS) and our Content Distribution Network (CDN)
for maximum speed and reliability.

FREE /mo

1 Core Processor
256MB Memory
10GB OS Drive
10GB NAS Drive
1GB CDN Drive
1TB Transfer

$10 /mo

1 Core Processor
1GB Memory
10GB OS Drive
20GB NAS Drive
2GB CDN Drive
2TB Transfer

$20 /mo

2 Core Processor
2GB Memory
10GB OS Drive
40GB NAS Drive
3GB CDN Drive
3TB Transfer

$40 /mo

2 Core Processor
4GB Memory
60GB NAS Drive
10GB OS Drive
4GB CDN Drive
4TB Transfer