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BIP media offers 3 tiers of affiliation for you to join our network and grow your business.

Grow Your Business with BIP media's edge Network

Affiliate Become a sales and marketing affiliate. It’s never been easier.

Gold Partner Small to midsize MSP’s, web design or programming agencies.

Platinum Partner Midsize to Larger MSP’s, Data Centers, or facility providers.

Q: What do I get with each of the 3 levels of affiliation?

A: All affiliates earn 10% monthly for each VPS they sell at any of our growing locations. If you’re interests in joining the affiliate sales and marketing group click here.

Here are just some of the benefits BIP media affiliates enjoy.

co-brand our Marketing Material Use and co-brand our Marketing Material
Industry Pay-Out Highest Industry Pay-Out
Referrals and Pay-Out Status Affiliate Portal to Track your Referrals and Pay-Out Status
Top Affiliates Specials Top Affiliates Specials for Top Performing Affiliates
Offer Cutting Edge Solutions Offer Cutting Edge Solutions to your Customers!
Big Banner & Ads Collection Big Banner & Ads Collection to choose from
expand our Products & Service Offerings We constantly expand our Products & Service Offerings
Dedicated Manager Dedicated Affiliate Manager
Grow with us Grow with us
Q: I can play a bigger part with BIP media. What are some of the benefits.

A: As a Gold Partner, which include small MSP, web design firm or agency, shared website hosting service provider or generally in the tech industry you get all the benefits of the affiliate program + a fully managed BIP media Head end hardware control node(s) to be racked and stacked at any of your network location at no upfront cost to you.

Please Note:Not all applicants qualify to be a BIP media edge hosting provider. You must meet network and facility requirements where you host your equipment. Click here to contact us and request the BIP media edge network host service provider application form.

By becoming a certified BIP media edge host provider you get to not only offer other facility location to your customers but also include your facility location as well!

Q: For you big guys in the industry don’t worry we did not leave you out!

A: Our Platinum Partners which include data center and internet facility providers can earn a significant ROI with BIP media and our fully managed, edge based, VPS Service business. Contact us here for more information and speak with a member of the team who can walk you through the program and explain the ROI matrix as well as discuss logistics, and maintenance.

Please Note: Upfront fees for hardware, software, setup, yearly maintenance contracts as well as dedicated marketing dollar are required to qualify.

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