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Create Compress Archive Almost Any File in Linux (tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz, zip, 7z, rar, etc…)

By Yang Litagged in 7z, Archive, bz, Compress, create0 comments about 2 years ago

Apache Web Server Hardening (Part-I)

By prabin krishna subeditagged in apache, Apache Hardening, Apache Security, apache2, Ubuntu Web Server hardening0 comments about 2 years ago

Using Version Control to track Configuration Management On Drupal

By Michael Aboagyetagged in Configuration Management, Drupal, Git, phpmyadmin, Version Control0 comments about 2 years ago

Table | Use one file per table with MySQL’s INNODB storage

By BIP admintagged in Engine, INNODB, INNODB Engine, mysql0 comments about 2 years ago

pdflatex not found”? Pandoc on Fedora Linux

By Tommytagged in Fedora, fedora 24, fedora 25, Pandoc, pdf0 comments about 2 years ago

DNF Slow on Fedora? Add Fastestmirror to Your dnf.conf

By BobBytagged in dnf, DNF Slow, dnf.cnf, Fedora, fedora 240 comments about 2 years ago


By Mohammad Abu Talebtagged in Cons, DUOLINGO, educating, free, Pros0 comments about 2 years ago

How to Setup ZPanel CP on Linux CentOS 6

By Yang Litagged in HOWTO, install, Linux, OPEN SOURCE TOOLS, zPanel0 comments about 2 years ago

How to Install and Setup SugarCRM Community on CentOS 7.1

By BIP admintagged in centos 7, Community, install, Setup, SugarCRM0 comments about 2 years ago

How To update and upgrade Arch Linux

By Yang Litagged in Arch Linux, pacman, Update, upgrade0 comments about 2 years ago