Nextcloud Hosting S3 Storage Features

BIP media NextCloud Hosting
A Safe Place For all your Data

Easy access to your documents from any device, any time!.

Safe access to 100 GB storage per user with fast synchronization for all your documents, pictures, videos, presentations and files from any device.

BIP media Cloud Storage hosting uses NextCloud hosting technology. NextCloud (formerly known as ownCloud) is a solid player for secure synchronization of data and is actively in use at established institutions such as the CERN Institute, Deutsche Bahn, Capco and dozens of other enterprises.


BIP media Nextcloud Hosting

BIP media NextCloud Hosting is available “per user,” or as a standalone private NextCloud hosting for enterprises, organizations and non-profit organizations.

BIP media nextcloud hosting files

Your files, always available

Access to all your documents, pictures, videos, presentations and other files from any device in any place!

With 100 GB storage at your disposal in the cloud and an excellent synchronization of your data, these are always at hand!

BIP media nextcloud hosting Document Sharing

Easy document sharing

File and document sharing without effort: send a link to your customers or employees. The only thing required is a web browser and Internet access!

Stay in control: files can be shared in public or protected with a password, additionally you can define when the link expires. Determine which user has specific rights and construct your own full rights management system for your BIP media cloud storage.

BIP media Nextcloud hosting Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Synchronization to different devices is 100% secure. All data is sent over an encrypted link with SHA-256 encryption.

Your data is saved on USA soil, in a data center in West Palm Beach Florida and with the privacy law of USA applicable to your files.

Start today with your cloud storage solution; your account is immediately activated!


Free NextCloud Hosting

$0/ month
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 15 GB OS Drive
  • 10 GB Storage Drive
  • 1 GB Transfer

4G - NextCloud Hosting

$60/ month
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 15 GB OS Drive
  • 100 GB Storage Drive
  • 2 GB Transfer

  6G - NextCloud Hosting

$100/ month
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 6 GB Memory
  • 15 GB OS Drive
  • 200 GB Storage Drive
  • 3 GB Transfer

  8G - NextCloud Hosting

$150/ month
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 15 GB OS Drive
  • 300 GB Storage Drive
  • 4 GB Transfer

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