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BIP adminBIP admin Staff asked 3 years ago

I have the following structure within a bootstrap document –

 <div class="col-lg-6 col-sm-6>
  <ul class="stdULGrey st_tabs_ul">
       <li class="st_li_first st_li_active">
           <a href="#view_1" class="st_tab st_tab_first st_tab_active">
                <span class="icoMore icoA"></span>
                <span class="tabText">WANT TO KNOW MORE?</span></a>
           <a href="#view_2" class="st_tab">
                <span class="icoWhereTo icoA"></span>
                <span class="tabText">WHERE TO FIND US?</span>


The span element – icoMore contains a background image – which I’d like to respond to the full width of thebootstrap parent – I have tried the following code –

    .icoMore{background:url(../img/logos%20and%20icons/Wanttoknow_Icon_Off.png) no-repeat; min-width:100%; min-height:auto; display:block; }

But it displays at zero width and height – can anyone advise a solution?