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How to Install and Setup SugarCRM Community on CentOS 7.1

Customer Relations Management is a vital component to any business with customer support, marketing and sales. In our today’s article we will setup the World’s largest open source CRM software that is sugarCRM. It is a web based customer ma...

How To Install Mantis on Fedora OS

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Mantis - Defect Tracker on your Fedora operating system. Mantis is an open source free defect tracking utility that is really easy to configure and use. Its installation...

How to Install Graphite On A CentOS/RHEL Server

Install Graphite. Graphite is highly scalable real-time graphing system. It is seen as a replacement for more traditional graphing systems such as cacti and munin. Install Graphite Requirements Graphite requires: python2.4 or greater pyca...

  • By lee
  • November 10, 2015 at 15:56 pm

What Is SELinux And How To Disable It ?

  SELinux is a Linux kernel security module that provides a mechanism for supporting access controls and security policies. In this tutorial you will learn how to disable SELinux on your BIP media VPS Virtual Private Server. By default, ...

How To Install And Configure Piwik Web Analytics Tool For Your Websites

Piwik is an open-source and free alternative to Google Analytics. It tracks and displays reports about the location of user visits, Where they came from (i.e website, directly, or something else), the visitors browser, screen size, operat...