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SugarCRM VPS Server
vps cloud server ready to install and deploy

in no time flat.

SugarCRM VPS Server

With BIP media, you’re just one click away from deploying SugarCRM VPS. Mobile-ready and intuitive, SugarCRM is a modern and flexible CRM for your entire team. Manage all your accounts and customers, connect with people across the company, and start selling to your customer base. SugarCRM has integrations with scores of other services such as Google Apps, Pardot marketing automation,, and social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Simple Pricing

All plans are standard and include:
Network Attached Storage (NAS) and our Content Distribution Network (CDN)
for maximum speed and reliability.

FREE /mo

1 Core Processor
256MB Memory
10GB OS Drive
10GB NAS Drive
1GB CDN Drive
1TB Transfer

$10 /mo

1 Core Processor
1GB Memory
10GB OS Drive
20GB NAS Drive
2GB CDN Drive
2TB Transfer

$20 /mo

2 Core Processor
2GB Memory
10GB OS Drive
40GB NAS Drive
3GB CDN Drive
3TB Transfer

$40 /mo

2 Core Processor
4GB Memory
60GB NAS Drive
10GB OS Drive
4GB CDN Drive
4TB Transfer