Product Review and Testimonials

BIP Media Customer Product Review And Testimonials

Here are some Genuine Product Review, Testimonials and Client Feedback about BIP media VPS Server Hosting Services and KB Knoweledge Base Community.

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Product Review  Testimonials BIP media

Mostafa Al Mahmud

Expert UI/UX developer, Content/ Blog Writer From Dhaka, Bangladesh!

BIP media is a wonderful Community Learn Center! They assist program developers, system admins, designers etc. with all sorts of screen supported devices.

Being an UI/UX developer, I truly believe BIP media’s group is actually useful and practical. I recently found the huge selection or tutorials about technology involving, informative and overall superb.

They're obvious plus is that they are extremely well crafted, while focusing on simple "how to" tasks.

Thank you so much for the excellent knowledge shared by all of you and best of all for keeping it 100% FREE!

I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful association with them also!

Jeevan Senanayake

Information and Communication technologist From Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Yes of course!

BIP media hands down is the right place for you to host your domains, servers, web sites and projects.

With a cutting edge cloud server platform, friendly stay and great documentation you can't go wrong!

I wish all the bests for BIP media and all the CLC contributors.

Frank Anthony

A Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Explorer & A Content writer From Kharkiv, Ukraine!

BIP media is a great platform for secured hosting services at an affordable price.

I strongly recommend their services for your hosting needs.

Geetika Bhasin

Website Content Writer from Amritsar, India

Thanks to BIP media, I got to learn about a different platform to showcase my skills.

This website has also helped me immensely in learning about various things related to software and hardware systems from their easy-to-read and exceptionally well described tutorials.

Thanks again BIP media!

Priyanka Bansal

Website Content Writer From Amritsar India!

I collaborate with BIP media through Upwork and I really appreciate the services and response they given to customers for IT Services.

I strongly recommend BIP media's team from domain name registration to, web site hosting and maintenance.

The team is fast, flexible in dealing of their customers and respond very quickly.

Once you worked with the BIP media you will see what a top quality internet provider can really do for your business.

Waheed Asghar

On page / Off page SEO Expert FROM Punjab Pakistan

BIP media offers an innovative solution for any size customer.

They provide a dynamic approach to trending technologies by allowing free access for everybody. The IT community known as the CLC (Community Learning Center) provides a helping hand to anyone that needs it. Thumbs up for BIP media's CLC!

The CLC allows me to learn new things and share my knowledge with others at the same time.

Jahid Hossain

Onpage / Offpage SEO Expert Magura Bangladesh

BIP media is the best place to host your servers, websites and ideas!

Not only do they provide top notch service for a very reasonable price but they also deliver something I like to call "A Ship Of Knowledge" known as the CLC.

You can find anything here at the CLC. The motto is simple at the CLC, "All you need is to love to learn and teach... you learn by searching for any tutorial topic you like, and you teach by sharing any kind of helpful tutorials that you have. It really is that simple!

I find the BIP CLC to be the best online community for creating and sharing "how to" tutorials from people knowledgeable on open source. It's also the best opportunity for beginners who want to learn something from the Experts

The people at the CLC are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always ready to help.

It's my pleasure to share this excellent site with all of you.

Love you BIP.

Shyam Sundar Awal

Software Developer From bhaktapur, Nepal!

BIP media has one of the best online communities I've seen. The platform is focused on IT and non IT people eager to learn and get the best tutorials on cutting edge topics.

The people there are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always ready to help. If you are technically inclined or a new-bee you will feel welcomed into the community.

It's my pleasure to share BIP media with all of you!

Deepak Eapen

Experienced Content Writer from India

The articles and tutorials that I came across at BIP media’s CLC (Community Learning Center) are incredibly useful and easy to understand. I would certainly rate the BIP CLC as one of the top-notch go-to resources on the web for open source software and computer hardware.

The ever-growing online library of helpful how-to tutorials and guides at CLC are serving millions of people around the world seeking technical guidance on the internet.

Please share it with your friends if you liked this community.

Peter Kimemia Kamau

Open Source Consultant From Nairobi, Kenya!

In search for a dynamic, informative, leading edge online informational learning center, the CLC is definitely the top tier online place to be.

You will find a mix of friendliness and unmatched professionalism that guarantees delivery on leading topic that are easy to follow and read.

It is definitely top of my recommendation list with a big thumbs-up.

Martin Huf

Web Developer From Slovakia

When it's time to get work done and VPS servers setup for customer I go to They have great prices, an excellent tech support team and an amazingly fast network.

I'm more they just a fan!

Arif Hossain

Article And Web Content Writer From Jessore Bangladesh

BIP media is one of the top-level cloud server providers. I appreciate their technical support service.

The BIP media IT community is a great place to learn and get tutorials on cutting edge topics. They are dynamic, dedicated and professional.

It's my pleasure to recommend BIP media to all of you!

Anne Jamine Sevilla

Writer From Manila, Philippines!

BIP media's excellent services will surely be a delight to any client. Their friendly team will deliver exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

It's my pleasure to highly recommend them!

Tony Sadud

Technical Writer From Bolivia!

BIP media offers an innovative solution for costumers.

They provide a and dynamic approach to trending technologies by allowing free access for everybody in the IT community who needs a helping hand.

Two thumbs up for BIP media's CLC - Community Learning Center.

Navdeep Kaur

WordPress Pro And Technical Writer From Ludhiana, India!

I came into association with BIP media through upwork. I love and really appreciate what they are doing to bridge and collaborate customers with Tech Savvies like myself.

Thumbs Up Guys.

Vinish Garg

Content, Information, Startups From Chandigarh, India

BIP media has a rich library of tutorials that are useful for the IT community. I really like these for the way these are organized, and the way instructions are explained.

I see the library evolving to cover many other areas that interest the community, the programmers, engineers, networking and support staff, and even decision makers who can use the library as a reference.

Vikesh Sanwalodia

Web Developer And BIP media Customer!

The service provided by BIP media was Excellent at a very competitive cost.

Bright, lively and colorful designs yet simple and not gaudy, professional service and adaptable interfacing.

I love the cloud services BIP media provides. It's the best in the industry!

Shailesh Sharma

Social Media Manager/Writer From Nepal

CLC (Community Learning Center) by BIP media is a great place to meet like minded people and share what we have in common while learning new things everyday.

With rapidly changing technology, it becomes imperative for people to move with the flow and that's when the concept of CLC shines at its brightest.

Hats off to the BIP CLC crew.

Oprea Marius

Mechanical Design Engineer From Cluj-Napoca, Romania!

What I love about BIP media is there competitive prices when it comes to web hosting services. They're fast and flexible and it makes the CLC (Community Learning Center) a new, innovative and fun way of learning.

If you're interested in hardware or software tutorials, then this is the place for you! I recommend it and don't hesitate to join us!

Auon Muhammad Akhtar

Hi I'm Senior Web Consultant from India, working for leading consultancy group.

BIP media's platform provides easy, flexible, fastest and secure hosting services to fulfill all the web hosting needs at very affordable price.

Technical Support from BIP media's team is impeccable in the industry. You'll get a quick and easy solution to your each of your hosting related problems.

I would highly recommend BIP media's services from domain name registration to large scale application hosting of your website(s).

Sign up for a VPS server hosting service and Deploy a VPS Server in no time flat.

Sign up for BIP media today.