Product Review and Testimonials

BIP Media Customer Product Review And Testimonials

Here are some Genuine Product Review, Testimonials and Client Feedback about BIP media VPS Server Hosting Services and KB Knoweledge Base Community.

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Product Review  Testimonials BIP media

Aigerim Bektemirova

Email Marketing Expert, Copywriting, English-to-Russian Translation

I came across the CLC (Community Learning Center) by BIP media and found out that this is a really helpful resource center packed with easy to read and initiative articles and tutorial for open source software and hardware systems.

As the world is in a rapid technological advancement the economies are now actually ‘skill based economies’. and hats off to CLC for spreading knowledge and skills.

Asif Hasan

Look how small the world is!
I came across BIP media and found one of my friends right away!

I recommend each and everyone of you to take a look at BIP media.

It's full of Subject Matter Expertise all willing to help you solve any technical issue you come across. They also publish a HUGE collection of easy to follow "How To" tutorials on a wide range of open source software and hardware.

Do not hesitate to joint the BIP media community if you are a developer. I did!

You are just a few clicks away from finding the solution you've been looking for months!

Orlando Karunungan

BIP media is a "One Of A Kind" CLC Community Learning Center!

You’ll be able to learn a lot of interesting, and educational stuff. BIP CLC is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning about how technology runs nowadays!

Check it out, you'll love it as much as I do. It's my go to place!

Rajiv Sharma

Software Engineer / Trainer / Writer From India

Hello My name is Rajiv Sharma. I love to program in different languages and technologies. I found that after working with different technical platforms for many years, the tool sets become less important while creativity becomes top priority.

BIP media is the online community where you find endless opportunities and they provide you with all the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

Here at the BIP media CLC (Community Learning Center) you will find experienced and very knowledgeable people willing to share their experience to help you grow.

I'm one of those people, always glad to help. Let me know If I can help you.

Happy Learning !


Technical Writer From Paris, France!

BIP media is a fantastic place to find HOW TO tutorials on many open source software topics.

Great places are where great people are gather.

If you want to find tons of great resources concerning the latest technologies visit this place.

I have and I love it!

David Wazome

I Am A Web Developer, Freelance Writer based In Kenya.

I came across BIP media’s CLC (Community Learning Center), while searching for an article on linux I/O redirecting. THe CLC has tutorials and articles with a wealth of information, easy to understand and follow.

Searching for new and informative sources, try CLC am sure you will love it.

El Masteria

Computer Science And Engineer From Bangladesh

I like the BIP media CLC (Community Learning Center) for different reasons. It's not only helpful with its "How to" tutorials which cover all sorts of interesting Internet topics, but it's also a phenomenal cloud platform to host you websites.

It provides great resources for anyone interested in learning about the latest technology while at the same time helping you improve your skill sets.

In this IT dependent world, the "CLC" provides a wealth of information for FREE on all types of open source software and services.

The "CLC" is really an exceptional gift to its customers and users.

Bakar Dawood

Manufacturing Engineer From Pakistan

I came across the CLC (Community Learning Center) by BIP media and found out that this is a really helpful resource center packed with easy to read and initiative articles and tutorial for opensource software and hardware systems.

As the world is in a rapid technological advancement the economies are now actually 'skill based economies'. and hats off to CLC for spreading knowledge and skills.

Ali Ahmed

IT Professional From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

I love reading BIP media's CLC (Community Learning Center) articles and Tutorials. The CLC is one of the internet's top and informative communities for new and trending resources.

Check it out! I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.

Saleh Ahmed

I found BIP media to be the best quality cloud server provider.

They provide proper service and excellent technical support.

I would also recommend you take a look at the Community Learning Center, known as CLC. It's designed for developers, programmers, system admins, and frankly any tech savvy person to share ideas and knowledge on a wide range of topics with the community.

An expert community is working behind it and turning out a fantastic set of tutorial. The instructive and descriptive 'How To' tutorials help the community and readers all around.

Thus BIP Media very highly recommended!

Saleh Said

Aerospace Mechanical Engineer From Giza, Egypt!

My name is Saleh i am an aerospace mechanical engineer. I have good experience in mechanical and aerospace engineering fields and I am here to share my experience and knowledge with all of you reading the CLC.

I wanted to tell all of you that the BIP media CLC Community Learning Center is AMAZING and Very Helpful!

The site is so good, I've decided to participate and share my knowledge with all of you as well.

All the tutorials are extremely well written, easy to follow and to the point. I like it so much I’m adding my own tutorials to the community learning center.

I really highly recommended BIP media Community Learning Center for you!!

Algert Gjeka

Network Engineer, From Albania!

The most beautiful thing about computers and networking is that you never stop learning new things.There’s always a new technology, new software that you you’ll be facing time after time. You'll find that the more you learn the more you will find new topics to learn about.

You will always be searching for tutorial to meet your needs.
The internet offers so many opportunities to learn nowadays and you’ll find it difficult to understand which one to choose.

We all want a tutorial that's easy to understand and teaches us the right way to do things while still giving us the desired abilities. If this sounds like you, then the BIP media CLC is the right place for you.

I have more than 4 years experience and my objective is to create short and easy to understand tutorials to cover networking protocols and technologies.

I hope you enjoy them!

George Chirila

I'm An IT Professional From Sibiu, Romania!

I stumbled on to the Community Learning Center from BIP media while attempting to solve an issue I had with a hosting provider.

I found the tutorials easy to search and the wealth of information to be outstanding. They are easy to understand and well written while focusing both on the "to do list" as well as questioning why you need those settings in the first place. Best of all, they explained the "Who" "What" "Where" and "Why".

Thank you for all the hard work that goes into presenting us with such excellent and free tutorials!

Mohit Sehgal

Android App Developer From Punjab, India!

BIP media is really a great because they support both mobile as well as web developers to accomplish what they perceive.

As an Android App developer, I really think BIP media’s team is really helpful.

With BIP media we can keep focus on what really is most important to us: “Implement our Ideas in Open Source World!”

I'm Looking forward for long and fruitful association with them.

Faysal Ahmed

Hello From Dhaka, Bangladesh!

BIP Media empowers website owners like myself not only with supreme control to manage high traffic websites but also helps to assure operational effectiveness of websites from time to time.

I’d like to say thanks to the BIP media team for their awesome Job.

Aleksandar Simonovic

Cloud Architect From Russia!

BIP media has a state of the art infrastructure that simplifies cloud services like no other.

Known for server uptime, efficiency and highly secured data protection techniques, they deliver what others cannot. The staff is here to help 24x7 and I found them to be very knowledgeable.

BIP media also has a very active CLC (Community Learning Center). The community is a breeding ground for open source enthusiast. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

I'm excited to be a part of the community. Ping me for any sort of help.

Keep connected to BIP media and stay ahead of the game!

Hitesh Kaneriya

System Administration From Seoul, Korea!

I looked at many cloud providers like Amazon, KT cloud in Korea, and soft layer to name a few. I also contacted many cloud re-sellers as well.

As a developer, I have a very good knowledge base. I was looking for a great and flexible API with solid documentation to work with. I found it very difficult to follow the other providers I mentioned above. The tutorials and implementation process was very difficult even for a developer such as myself.

After finding BIP media CLC (Community Learning Center) I found the tutorials the community provides to be very easy to read and understand but most importantly to implement.

I highly recommended BIP media and BIP media's community culture to any web developer like me who is looking for a cloud to call home.

Christian Binasa

Web Developer From Manila, Philippines!

BIP media offers the best quality cloud servers and service period.

Best of all, I found the CLC (Community Learning Center) teaming with quality people ready to share their knowledge on any open source topic. Trust me! they know their stuff.

As a student and young web developer, I greatly appreciate all the tutorials and "HOW TO's" packed in the CLC. It really helps me when building my websites.

I highly recommended BIP media to any web developer like me who is looking for a cloud to can call home.

Mohan Kaliyannan

System Administrator From Canada!

My Name is Mhan and I am a system administrator part of Devops team.

I'm excited to join the CLC and be part of the community.

I just wanted to say that the quality and depth of knowledge I've experiences while browsing the Community Learning Center is excellent.

I really appreciated the hard work all you team members put in and wanted to simply say "-Great Job!".

I'm already thinking about topics i'm going to be writing and adding to the CLC. I hope you can use them and it helps you implement new and exciting things!

Vinod Kumar

Web Developer From karnal, Haryana, India!

My Name is Vinod and I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with BIP media! The CLC (Community Learning Center) is hands down one of the best online platforms to teach a old dog new tricks.

You can learn many new and exciting things here at the CLC and feel free to share your ideas as well. We love to hear all about them.

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