Product Review and Testimonials

BIP Media Customer Product Review And Testimonials

Here are some Genuine Product Review, Testimonials and Client Feedback about BIP media VPS Server Hosting Services and KB Knoweledge Base Community.

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Product Review  Testimonials BIP media

Fahad Khan Khadim

Hello From Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh!

BIP media is a great platform for contemporary researchers and developers, to show their Subject Matter Expertise as well as excellence and commitment to knowledge. Shortly I will be submitting my tutorials to the CLC (Community Learning Center) and I look forward to your critical discourse.

I'm glad and excited to be a part of the CLC team and I'm looking forward to the new challenge!

Patrick Raftery

Software Developer From Indianapolis, IN, USA!

BIP media has one of the best online CLC (Community Learning Center's) I've seen. I'm a student at Purdue University in Indianapolis. I wanted to tell all of you who are open source software developer and are looking for some tips to assist in your projects; BIP media has a ton of people just waiting to help you!

You can find information ranging from using Hadoop to Mantis. You can also find so many kind and engaging people that are willing to walk you through everything you may want to know about open source software.

BIP medias community culture is something to be valued for software and computer programming professionals.

Furqan Ud Din

Automation Expert From Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan!

My Name is Furqan and I am a test automation expert who must say that I am really impressed with .

BIP media provides a great learning platform to all those who loves to learn and explore open source software and tools.

You can find almost all kind of tech related tutorials on open source tools. It not only helps you learn, but also enhances your skill set.

I am looking forward contributing my part to the CCL Community Learning Center!

Andrey Fursov

Web Developer From Kiev, Ukraine!

I highly recommend you look at BIP media because they are good for business, and great for developers.

You can do exactly what you need without wasting precious time with setting up and configuring servers.

It's easy, fast and best of all the service is rock solid!

Juan Manuel Garcia del Moral

Developer From Buenos Aires, Argentina!

BIP media is the way to go if you are a developer and you just want to focus on your projects.

You can have your production or test environments up and running with a few clicks!

I'm a developer and also a BIP customer!

Rafael Sanchez

WordPress Expert From San Diego, Venezuela!

I found BIP media from upwork, and have been checking out their services and work. It looks pretty awesome I must say!

So awesome in fact that I signed up as an Author for the CCL (Community Learning Center)

I'll be sharing all my knowledge and years of experience in WordPress and other open source software packages with all of you so visit the CLC any time you need help.

I hope will working with these guys and you soon.

Salem Chammam

Web Developer And Freelancer From Tunisia!

My name is Salem and I am a web developer with a good working knowledge on web standards. I mainly work with PHP, mysql and back-end development.

I also have a good working knowledge of WordPress, Joomla and I write clean XHTML, CSS, code for cross-browser compatible sites. I also use the latest technology like CSS3, HTML5.

With that said, you can find me at the CLC (Community Learning Center). Feel free to ask me anything you like. I'm always here to help!

Eduardo Almeida

Software Developer From Guarapari, Brazil!

BIP media is really a great company because it supports open source developers when starting their projects.

As an open source software developer, I really think BIP media's culture is something pretty valuable.

With BIP media we can keep focus on what really is most important to us: "Write Code!"

Thank you BIP media for all your support.

Vladimir Rezharoz

Real World Programmer From Eberswalde, Berlin, Germany!

Welcome to BIP media. My name is Vladimir and I wanted to tell all of you that BIP media's cloud is the dream cloud you all have been looking for. It's the state of the art and the future of our cyber world.

Just contact BIP media and you'll feel the difference a professional staff makes. We're packed with talented people ready to help you anytime.

As a real world programmer who also uses the BIP cloud, i'm sure you will be 100% satisfied just like me.

Salem Ben Afia

Software Engineer From El Menzah, Tunisia!

My name is Salem and I'm an accomplished software engineer who specializes in high availability system design and deployment.

With all my experience in the full life cycle software design process, including client assistance in requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, graphic and technical design, testing and deployment.

As you can see my skills are plentiful! You can find me an my tutorials at the Community Learning Center.

Feel free to ping me anytime.

I'm always here to help!

Rajesh Singh

Hello from Mohali, India!

I find the BIP Community Learning Center to inspire, uplift, and motivate me and hopefully you as well. We work very hard to bring you the very best in web tutorials on over 150 open source titles and topics. I find the CLC (Community Learning Center) to keep me motivated to produce to notch "HOW TO" tutorials for all of you to read and learn.

I feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things and they seems to be very helping to all of you. It brings me a feeling of personal accomplishment to see all of you learning.

I host my website with BIP media and I highly recommended BIP media for all your website needs as well.

Rahul Thakur

Web Developer From Chandigarh, India!

I am Rahul, professionally I'm a web developer and I wanted to tell all of you that I am completely in favor with BIP media.

They offer a fantastic cloud solutions that fits almost everyone needs.

If you need something a bit more custom like I did, just give them a call and they will be more then happy to get you setup and on your way.

Every good luck for BIP.


Alejandro Giraldo

Hello from Colombia!

My name is Alejandro and I wanted to share with you my experience with the BIP media guys.

They truly are the next generation artists of the web. That's no joke!

They take your ideas, and build them from nothing to something and then take it to the state of the art.

They have gained a new fan and friend.

Waqar Hussain

Hello from Mardan, Pakistan!

My Name is Waquar and I wanted to tell all of you that BIP media is Spot On.

They provide quality service and excellent support.

Try then out. You can't go wrong!

Emre Mater

Java Solutions Architect From Istanbul, Turkey!

My name is Emre. I work as a Java Solutions Architect. I wanted to tell all of you how awesome BIP media is. They have a fantastic network, great support and price that cannot be beat.

I decided to join the CLC (Community Learning Center) recently. I'm a subject matter expert in Software Development.

Feel free to ping me anytime and I would be more then happy to help you.

Abhijit Agarwal

Hello from India!

I wanted to tell all of you that I use BIP media and the cloud solutions they offer.

I must say they are among the best.

Don't look any further. BIP media is the holy grail!

Andrew Lebedev

Hello From Ukraine!

BIP media is the best place to host your servers, websites and ideas.

The company offers extremely fast, reliable and modern cloud solutions for your personal or business use. The service plans are designed to fit any type/size of online business.

These is not just words. I'm a user and love the service so go ahead and try it for yourself.

I highly recommended it.

Tinku Tharasing

Web Developer From Kerala (India)!

I am Tinku Tharasing, PixelMargin (p) Ltd owner and Sr. Developer. I am happy to be part of BIP media and their services are exciting. Especially their free cloud package is a real bonus to start ups and beginners.

My best wishes to the team and all of you.

Al Mamun

Apps Developer From Dhaka, Bangladesh!

I am a web application developer. As a developer, I basically do dynamic websites using PHP and WordPress.

I highly recommend BIP media for everyone.

BIP media has the best solution for you if you want to run your website.

They have an excellent network and a friendly staff that are here to help you to get up and running quickly.

Gaurav Saharawat

Web Developer From DELHI, INDIA!

My Name is Gaurav and I’m a Subject Matter Expert. You can find me and my tutorials including WordPress, HTML, CSS, and PHP in the CLC (Community Learning Center).

The CLC is packed with easy to read tutorials designed to help you install, setup and use all sorts of open source software. I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

I’m always here to help!

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