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Trac VPS Server
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Trac VPS Server

It’s time to stop using spreadsheets to manage the open requests and bugs in your systems and upgrade to a modern issue tracker. Trac VPS is a combination wiki and issue tracker built for developers that are building the next great thing. With native support for SVN and git, Trac can be your one stop shop for collaborating through the development lifecycle. Trac features include a ticketing system, roadmap, workflow, user management, Q&A discussions, and more.

Simple Pricing

All plans are standard and include:
Network Attached Storage (NAS) and our Content Distribution Network (CDN)
for maximum speed and reliability.

FREE /mo

1 Core Processor

256MB Memory

10GB OS Drive

10GB NAS Drive

1GB CDN Drive

1TB Transfer

$10 /mo

1 Core Processor

1GB Memory

10GB OS Drive

20GB NAS Drive

2GB CDN Drive

2TB Transfer

$20 /mo

2 Core Processor

2GB Memory

10GB OS Drive

40GB NAS Drive

3GB CDN Drive

3TB Transfer

$40 /mo

2 Core Processor

4GB Memory

60GB NAS Drive

10GB OS Drive

4GB CDN Drive

4TB Transfer